The Artists


Owner | Master Artist | Grand Master Trainer

Before Sway Brows, Tanny Diep was a Fashion Sales & Marketing Manager with a background in Design & Illustration. In an ever evolving industry, fashion demanded long hours in a fast-paced and deadline sensitive environment. Her passion for creative artistry and the desire for more flexible hours motivated her to seek out a new venture. Tanny has always been personally interested in Beauty and Cosmetology but an obsession for creating perfect eyebrows attracted her to the art of semi-permanent makeup, particularly Microblading. She’s a certified Master Trainer by the world reknowned Beauty Angels Academy, which specializes in symmetry and measuring brows by the golden ratio. This technique custom designs the eyebrow shape to accommodate the natural proportion of your facial features.

They are best known for their natural 3D like hair strokes that are hand drawn with precision. With over 15+ years of Sales & Marketing along with 10+ years of Design experience, Tanny has mastered her skills in artistic composition and meticulous attention to detail, while building and maintaining client relationships.

Sway Brows officially launched in November of 2018 and is already experiencing rapid growth with almost 100K followers on instagram and 100% satisfaction from clients.

Tanny is a Microblade & Shade, Powder Brows, and Removal Master Trainer for Beauty Angels Academy under the direction of the World’s Best Master award winner, Kler Rosenberg and has trained over 200 students worldwide.

All classes and services are facilitated at Sway Brows Academy & Studio located in the heart of Artesia, CA next to Cerritos Shopping Center.  Sway Brows recently opened a second studio location for training and services two doors down in the same plaza.


Senior Staff Artist | Studio Coordinator

With 10+ years of experience in the beauty industry, V’s passion has always been helping women feel beautiful by enhancing their natural beauty. V’s attention to details helps her execute client’s requests to achieve a natural desired look. Additionally, V’s work as been featured in various magazines and has been awarded for her outstanding accomplishments.

In 2020, V wanted to break away from retail without compromising her ability to be creative. After extensive research, V found inspirations from Beauty Angels Academy Grand Master Trainer Tanny Diep and decided to make the transition into the Permanent Makeup industry. She is trained and mentored by Tanny throughout her journey of becoming a PMU artist and is now 3x certified in Microblade and shade, Powder brows and removal.


Staff Artist

Jessica is a passionate and skilled permanent makeup artist as well as a fine line / single needle tattoo artist with a creative flair and an eye for enhancing natural beauty. With over three years of hands-on experience in the industry, she has come to Sway Brows with a hunger to master her craft under the guidance of seasoned artists, and immersed herself in the various techniques.

From the initial consultation to the final touchup, her goal is to provide a personalized experience that fosters trust and open communication. Artistry has been a lifelong passion of hers and she has dedicated her career to helping individuals feel confident with their brows and express their personal style through the delicate art of permanent makeup and fine line body tattoos.


Removal Specialist

Scott Y. Hsieh is a multi-faceted artist, movement educator, and content creator. As Sway Brows Leading Removal Specialist, Scott has been trained by the world renowned Beauty Angels Academy in Angel Tattoo Removal by Grand Master Trainer Tanny Diep.

First and foremost a movement artist, Scott is trained in dance and is well versed in a multitude of dance styles and martial arts, ranging from house, popping, samba, and capoeira. He has performed and is currently a core member of many sensational groups such as Malandro N’ Motion, Cirque groups, The Furies Circus, WanderBeasts, and Dragon Knights Stilt street theatre. His wide breadth of movement knowledge has brought him many teaching opportunities consisting of training dance groups, conducting classes and workshops throughout California with UniverSOUL HIpHOP, and leading workshops at various festivals. Scott is also currently a full-time Dance Advisor at the Renaissance Arts Academy and works part time at Sway Brows. His passion for the arts and eye for creativity have lead him into airbrushing, social media content creation and branding, as well as the world of Tattooing and Permanent Makeup.