Before Sway Brows, Tanny Diep was a Fashion Sales & Marketing Manager with a background in Design & Illustration. In an ever evolving industry, fashion demanded long hours in a fast-paced and deadline sensitive environment. Her passion for creative artistry and the desire for more flexible hours motivated her to seek out a new venture. Tanny has always been personally interested in Beauty and Cosmetology but an obsession for creating perfect eyebrows attracted her to the art of semi-permanent makeup, particularly Microblading. She’s a certified Master Trainer by the world reknowned Beauty Angels Academy, which specializes in symmetry and measuring brows by the golden ratio. This technique custom designs the eyebrow shape to accommodate the natural proportion of your facial features. […]

They are best known for their natural 3D like hair strokes that are hand drawn with precision. With over 15+ years of Sales & Marketing along with 10+ years of Design experience, Tanny has mastered her skills in artistic composition and meticulous attention to detail, while building and maintaining client relationships.

Sway Brows officially launched in November of 2018 and is already experiencing rapid growth with almost 100K followers on instagram and 100% satisfaction from clients.

Tanny is a Microblade & Shade, Powder Brows, and Removal Master Trainer for Beauty Angels Academy under the direction of the World’s Best Master award winner, Kler Rosenberg and has trained over 200 students worldwide.

All classes and services are facilitated at Sway Brows Academy & Studio located in the heart of Artesia, CA next to Cerritos Shopping Center.  Sway Brows recently opened a second studio location for training and services two doors down in the same plaza.


Caroline Alvarez is known for her skills in creating full hyper realistic brows and has made an remarkable impression in the Los Angeles Microblading scene. She is trained and mentored by the renowned Master Trainer Tanny Diep and was her first Beauty Angels Artist graduate in the Microblade and Shade technique. […]

Within a year, Caroline has worked on hundreds of clients producing amazing healed results, gained an organic following of 15k+ on Instagram, and is fully booked months in advance. She is passionate about perfection, symmetry, and the artistry to customize brows for each individual face frame. With 10+ years’ experience in Resort Hospitality, Caroline is a natural in creating the best experience for her clientele by incorporating unique detail and personalization to each appointment. Her goal is to become a Master Trainer where she can mentor students to achieve success in the Microblading and PMU industry.


Ashley is both creative and methodical as exemplified in her 6+ years as a Nail Technician and 14+ years as a Pharmacist. With the desire to break away from corporate life and spend more time with her family, she pursued a new career as a permanent makeup artist. She is certified in both Microblade and Shade and Powder Brows under the mentorship of Beauty Angels Academy Master Trainers Tanny Diep of Sway Brows and Kim Do of Permanent Makeup Creations Studio in New Jersey. […]

Her caring nature along with her ability to produce accurate and high quality work fortifies her commitment to create a beautiful brow experience for every client.

In less than a year a Brow Artist, she is already gaining traction and growing rapidly in her expertise.