Advanced Brow Beginning Strokes & Brow Patterns

Achieve the skills of top level artists and the confidence to handle any brow situation, all for an incredibly low price and with the convenience of an online course!
Course Price: $799.00 USD

*This is an advanced course and requires proficiency at basic microblading skills. It is not intended for beginners. Experience with at least 10 – 15 models is recommended. If you are unsure if you qualify, please contact our academy at

This course

is for You if…
  • Your basic microblading is ok, but you want the advanced skills you admire in top artists
  • You desire the CONFIDENCE to handle a wide variety of situations
  • You want to be able to offer your clients several pattern choices, instead of just one basic option
  • You want all of this at a low price with easy online access!

What's included

in this course?
  • Mastering depth & precision in microblading
  • Advanced Brow Beginning Strokes
  • Short, Medium, Central, and Upper Connection Lines
  • 2 months of access and ongoing support with your Master Trainer
  • Completion certificate after the course

This Course

Comes With Our Mini Angel Kit
  • 1 Box of disposables (U Blade)
  • 1 Pigment – Light Brown
  • 1 Pigment – Medium Brown
  • 1 Pigment – Dark Brown
  • 1 Angel Care Sealer
  • 3 Angel Care Wipes
  • 1 Angel Care Gel
  • 1 Practice Ink
  • 1 Post course latex Set
  • 1 Angel Kit Box & Misc

Study Directly Under

Grand Master Tanny…

When you register for this course, Master Trainer Tanny Diep will be assigned as your mentor and trainer. Tanny is an established artist and influencer who has performed over 200+ procedures and is known for her meticulously detailed work. She is a master at shaping the brow design to accommodate any facial features and attracts clients from all over the world. She has over 10 years of experience in management as a sales trainer and marketing executive, and is now the owner of a 6 figure Microblading business

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